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Project Description Last Change
lgpl/argeo-commons.git Argeo Commons - A lightweight integration framework based on OSGi... 2 hours ago
gpl/argeo-suite.git Argeo Suite - Smart Data Productivity 3 days ago
lgpl/argeo-slc.git Argeo SLC - Build, deploy, test, monitor, backup 2 months ago
gpl/argeo-qa.git Documentation, packaging and testing of Argeo Platform and Suite. 5 months ago
lgpl/argeo-maven.git Maven Argeo OSGi Plugin - Argeo specific OSGi utilities for Maven 5 months ago
lgpl/argeo-connect.git Argeo Connect - Productivity applications 5 months ago
gpl/argeo-tp.git Argeo Third Parties - An OSGi enterprise distribution 16 months ago
gpl/argeo-tp-extras.git Argeo Extra Third Parties - Factory for the non-core third parties 17 months ago
gpl/argeo-collect.git Argeo Collect - Data collection and policy analysis 4 years ago