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cc0/argeo-build.git Argeo Build - Build scripts and configuration for Argeo projects 10 days ago
gpl/argeo-freed.git Argeo FREEd - Fair Reasonable Extensible Expectations daemons 3 months ago
gpl/argeo-jcr.git Argeo JCR - JCR extensions to Argeo Commons 13 hours ago
gpl/argeo-slc.git Argeo SLC - Build, deploy, test, monitor, backup 4 weeks ago
gpl/argeo-suite.git Argeo Suite - Productivity Applications 13 hours ago
gpl/argeo-tp.git Argeo Third Parties - An OSGi enterprise distribution 10 days ago
lgpl/argeo-commons.git Argeo Commons - Lightweight integration framework in pure Java/OSGi 13 hours ago