3 days ago MathieuPrepare next development cycle testing
3 days ago MathieuReleasing v2.1.26
3 days ago MathieuMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-to-testing...
3 days ago MathieuUse Argeo Build from testing
3 days ago MathieuMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable' into...
6 days ago MathieuPrepare next development cycle unstable
6 days ago MathieuReleasing v2.3.12
6 days ago MathieuMake reverse proxy support more robust.
6 days ago MathieuFix creating new user profile structure for existing...
8 days ago MathieuPrepare next development cycle
8 days ago MathieuReleasing v2.3.11
8 days ago MathieuCancel form submission if a listener has failed
8 days ago MathieuImprove localisation
8 days ago MathieuAdd cn to person entity
8 days ago MathieuMake user chooser horizontal
9 days ago MathieuPrepare next release cycle
9 days ago MathieuReleasing v2.3.10
9 days ago MathieuUse latest Argeo Build
10 days ago MathieuPrepare next development cycle
11 days ago MathieuReleasing v2.3.9
2022-11-20 MathieuLazy loading of XSL templates.
2022-11-20 MathieuMake SWT dependency optional
2022-11-20 MathieuUpdate Argeo Build
2022-11-19 MathieuMake single tab title configurable
2022-11-18 MathieuLoad maintenance resources relative to class
2022-11-16 MathieuIntroduce GML names
2022-11-16 MathieuAdd GML XSD
2022-11-16 MathieuClarify and refactor content namespaces
2022-11-14 MathieuPersone edition
2022-11-14 MathieuGroup management
2022-11-14 MathieuReactivate JCR user node.
2022-11-14 MathieuUndeprecate user node methods
2022-11-14 MathieuMove vcard to another package
2022-11-13 MathieuGroup management
2022-11-13 MathieuAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons
2022-11-13 MathieuFactorise People UI
2022-11-12 MathieuOnly external userAdmin can set userAdmin
2022-11-12 MathieuAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons
2022-11-12 MathieuAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons
2022-11-12 MathieuAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons
2022-11-12 MathieuIntroduce ldap:description in entity:person
2022-11-08 MathieuImprove people wizards
2022-11-08 MathieuImprove people UI
2022-11-05 MathieuAdapt to massive package refactoring in Argeo Commons
2022-11-04 MathieuImprove People UI
2022-11-04 MathieuAdd default logging level
2022-11-04 MathieuLoad typologies from the same package as maintenance...
2022-11-04 MathieuAdapt target platforms
2022-11-04 MathieuRemove branch from root project name
2022-11-03 MathieuUpdate build system
2022-11-03 MathieuAdapt target platforms
2022-11-03 MathieuFix desktop initialisation
2022-11-03 Mathieu BaudierUpdate build system
2022-11-02 Mathieu BaudierAdd jvm.args to default configuration
2022-11-02 Mathieu BaudierDefault configurations
2022-11-02 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in third parties
2022-11-02 Mathieu BaudierUpdate Argeo Build
2022-11-01 Mathieu BaudierFix events with empty content path
2022-10-31 Mathieu BaudierClarify code
2022-10-30 Mathieu BaudierClarify Suite UX
2022-10-29 Mathieu BaudierFix Argeo Desktop config
2022-10-29 Mathieu BaudierUpdate build system
2022-10-28 Mathieu BaudierArgeo Desktop configuration
2022-10-25 Mathieu BaudierPrepare next development cycle
2022-10-25 Mathieu BaudierReleasing v2.3.8
2022-10-24 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons
2022-10-24 Mathieu BaudierRegister todo icon
2022-10-23 Mathieu BaudierUse latest build system
2022-10-23 Mathieu BaudierForce import package
2022-10-23 Mathieu BaudierAdd debugging to FOP servlet
2022-10-23 Mathieu BaudierFix ODK servlets runtime dependencies
2022-10-22 Mathieu BaudierStart improving People UI
2022-10-22 Mathieu BaudierSupport SVG in FO
2022-10-22 Mathieu BaudierRemove unused variable
2022-10-22 Mathieu BaudierMake external link more configurable
2022-10-19 Mathieu BaudierUpdate build system
2022-10-19 Mathieu BaudierDeinit argeo-build
2022-10-19 Mathieu BaudierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable' into...
2022-10-19 Mathieu BaudierUpdate build system
2022-10-18 Mathieu BaudierUse latest argeo-build
2022-10-18 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in a2 structure
2022-10-18 Mathieu BaudierUpdate argeo-build
2022-10-18 Mathieu BaudierMove SWT components to their subdirectory
2022-10-16 Mathieu BaudierFix Javadoc issue
2022-10-15 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in build system
2022-10-15 Mathieu BaudierUse new JCR category
2022-10-15 Mathieu BaudierAdapt build
2022-10-09 Mathieu BaudierUse new build mechanism
2022-10-02 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce open user menu icon
2022-10-02 Mathieu BaudierRemove standard output from OpenLayers map
2022-09-30 Mathieu BaudierAddress book visibility
2022-09-30 Mathieu BaudierLead pane authorization more generic
2022-09-30 Mathieu BaudierRemove utility
2022-09-26 Mathieu BaudierImprove launch file
2022-09-25 Mathieu BaudierFix build
2022-09-24 Mathieu BaudierUpdate icons
2022-09-24 Mathieu BaudierID range generation
2022-09-24 Mathieu BaudierAdd new icons
2022-09-23 Mathieu BaudierAll default UX services with service rank -1000
2022-09-23 Mathieu BaudierFont size for table and tree headers