2017-02-01 bsinouEnhance styling, put file view first
2017-02-01 bsinouWork on the Documents app
2017-01-31 bsinouEnhance integration of the various apps
2017-01-30 bsinouAdd a core bundle to keep separation between Workbench...
2017-01-30 bsinouEnhance Rap Workbench UI
2017-01-27 bsinouUse latest version of connect
2017-01-27 bsinouAdapt after connect refactoring
2017-01-26 bsinouIntroduce a bundle for Rap Workbench
2017-01-21 bsinouUse released version of Commons and Connect
2017-01-21 bsinouFix glitches
2017-01-21 bsinouUse argeo naming convention
2017-01-21 bsinouIntroduce a FS UIProvider
2017-01-21 bsinouRemove warning
2017-01-21 bsinouRemove dummy style
2017-01-21 bsinouAdd basic licence file
2017-01-21 bsinouFirst draft for Argeo Suite Assembly