2020-11-04 Mathieu BaudierRemove debug logging.
2020-11-04 Mathieu BaudierFix switch between old and new approach.
2020-11-04 Mathieu BaudierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sleroy'
2020-11-04 Mathieu BaudierODK servlets based on JCR.
2020-11-03 Mathieu BaudierWork on ODK servlets based on JCR.
2020-11-02 Stéphane Leroyadd style for argeo publishing
2020-11-02 Mathieu BaudierStart stabilising more Suite naming.
2020-11-01 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce XForms support.
2020-10-31 Mathieu BaudierMake constants private.
2020-10-31 Mathieu BaudierExtend entity JCR types.
2020-10-30 Mathieu BaudierImprove Geonames support.
2020-10-28 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Geonames support.
2020-10-27 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce publishing styles.
2020-10-27 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Argeo Publishing.
2020-10-26 Stéphane LeroyNew Css styles for Table Viewer
2020-10-26 Stéphane LeroyFix css style for TreeView
2020-10-26 Stéphane LeroyCss fix for tabs
2020-10-26 Stéphane LeroyImprove css for rcp
2020-10-26 Mathieu BaudierImprove extensibility.
2020-10-26 Mathieu BaudierImprove documents management.
2020-10-24 Mathieu BaudierImprove multi-layers and introduce documents layer.
2020-10-23 Mathieu BaudierRemove old license header.
2020-10-23 Mathieu BaudierIgnore target directories.
2020-10-23 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Argeo Suite Demo.
2020-10-23 Mathieu BaudierExtract WorkLayer to a separate class.
2020-10-23 Mathieu BaudierMove composites to main Documents UI package.
2020-10-23 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Documents UI.
2020-10-22 Mathieu BaudierIgnore target directory.
2020-10-16 Mathieu BaudierAuthentication support in ODK services.
2020-10-15 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce ODK forms support.
2020-10-14 Mathieu BaudierWork on RCP styling.
2020-10-13 Mathieu Baudierremove Argeo Office RPM build.
2020-10-13 Mathieu BaudierOnly shows dashboard for the time being.
2020-10-13 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce plain RWT RAP dependencies.
2020-10-13 Mathieu BaudierAdd SDK dependencies to Argeo Suite Lib.
2020-10-13 Mathieu BaudierRemove legacy Argeo Suite based on Eclipse 4.
2020-10-12 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Entity framework.
2020-10-09 Mathieu BaudierImprove UX.
2020-10-09 Stéphane LeroyEdit of CSS.
2020-10-09 Mathieu BaudierAdd add/delete buttons to recent items. Not yet active.
2020-10-09 Mathieu BaudierUse tabbed area.
2020-10-08 Stéphane LeroyDefinition of new styles
2020-10-08 Mathieu BaudierMulti-layers and events.
2020-10-08 Stéphane LeroyEdit of CSS and styles.
2020-10-07 Mathieu BaudierImprove the new Argeo Suite shell.
2020-10-06 Mathieu BaudierRemove reference to delayed text for the time being.
2020-10-05 Mathieu BaudierLogin/logout working in new Argeo Suite.
2020-10-04 Mathieu BaudierImprove Argeo Suite theming.
2020-10-03 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Argeo Work based on plain RWT.
2020-10-03 Mathieu BaudierFix MANIFEST generation.
2020-10-03 Mathieu BaudierClarify Eclipse 4 deployment.
2020-09-30 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce single entity search view.
2020-09-27 Mathieu BaudierMove theme constants to Argeo Commons.
2020-09-22 Mathieu BaudierStart using entity framework.
2020-09-22 Mathieu BaudierCan deploy and Argeo RAP app independently.
2020-09-21 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Platform.
2020-09-15 Mathieu BaudierDisplay tag editor in the main editor area.
2020-09-15 Mathieu BaudierAdapt Tracker to changes in Argeo Connect.
2020-09-14 Mathieu BaudierFix MANIFEST generation.
2020-09-10 Mathieu BaudierAdd Site Map to studio/mvc.
2020-07-17 Mathieu BaudierDocumentation.
2020-07-15 Mathieu BaudierClarify licensing.
2020-06-11 Mathieu BaudierInclude workspace in the browser's state interpretation.
2020-06-11 Mathieu BaudierChange favicon.
2020-06-11 Mathieu BaudierImprove component name.
2020-06-11 Mathieu BaudierRefine start order
2020-06-11 Mathieu BaudierAdapt services to the introduction of CmsUserManager.
2020-04-08 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to RCP.
2020-04-08 Mathieu BaudierUse latest Argeo Commons
2020-03-20 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons.
2020-03-12 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons.
2020-03-12 Mathieu BaudierRemove unused Eclipse E4 app.
2020-03-02 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Platform.
2020-02-29 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons.
2020-02-28 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons.
2020-02-19 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Platform and introduce Argeo...
2020-02-15 Mathieu BaudierClean dependency file.
2020-02-12 Mathieu BaudierStart Tika parsers.
2020-02-12 Mathieu BaudierRemove reference to argeo OS group.
2020-02-12 Mathieu BaudierRemove standard and tracker config bundles.
2020-02-12 Mathieu BaudierIgnore target directories.
2020-02-12 Mathieu BaudierFix dev init.
2020-02-11 Mathieu BaudierDevelopment log levels for files.
2020-02-10 Mathieu BaudierAdd neww apps to distribution.
2020-01-13 Mathieu BaudierStart organising Argeo Apps
2020-01-04 Mathieu BaudierIntegrate RCP support from Argeo Connect
2020-01-02 Mathieu BaudierIntegrate SLC to Argeo Suite
2019-11-27 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to Java 11.
2019-11-01 Mathieu BaudierPrepare next development cycle.
2019-11-01 Mathieu Baudier[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-11-01 Mathieu Baudier[maven-release-plugin] prepare release argeo-suite... argeo-suite-2.1.15
2019-11-01 Mathieu BaudierPrepare release.
2019-11-01 Mathieu BaudierRemove Eclipse 3 support.
2019-11-01 Mathieu BaudierOnly coworkers can log in to office.
2019-11-01 Mathieu BaudierUse released Argeo Commons.
2019-11-01 Mathieu BaudierRemove unused source directory.
2019-10-24 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Argeo Commons.
2019-09-21 Mathieu BaudierUse latest Argeo Commons.
2019-08-27 Mathieu BaudierMerge branch 'master' of https://mbaudier@code.argeo...
2019-08-27 Mathieu BaudierUse renamed Maven Argeo OSGi plugin.