Adapt to changes in Connect
[gpl/argeo-suite.git] / org.argeo.suite.workbench.rap / META-INF / spring / osgi.xml
2018-03-20 Mathieu BaudierAdapt to changes in Connect
2017-04-08 bsinouEnhance default suite dashboard
2017-03-09 bsinouAdapt after SystemApp interfaces addition
2017-02-28 bsinouFinalise package refactoring
2017-02-27 bsinouAdapt after bundle name shortening
2017-02-24 bsinouIntroduce a default assembly bundle to ease specific...
2017-02-21 bsinouClean legacy Code, Adapt spring links
2017-02-20 bsinouRefactoring
2017-01-31 bsinouEnhance integration of the various apps
2017-01-30 bsinouAdd a core bundle to keep separation between Workbench...
2017-01-30 bsinouEnhance Rap Workbench UI