Introduce standard Eclipse 4 fragments
[gpl/argeo-suite.git] / org.argeo.suite.web / META-INF /
2017-02-24 bsinouIntroduce a default assembly bundle to ease specific...
2017-02-22 bsinouClean spring files
2017-02-21 bsinouEnhance styling
2017-02-17 bsinouEnhance refactoring, bug shooting
2017-02-17 bsinouFirst part of the refactoring: clean backends.
2017-02-15 bsinouAdapt branding, use latest connect snapshot
2017-02-02 bsinouClean styling
2017-01-30 bsinouAdd a core bundle to keep separation between Workbench...
2017-01-27 bsinouAdapt after connect refactoring
2017-01-26 bsinouIntroduce a bundle for Rap Workbench
2017-01-21 bsinouFirst draft for Argeo Suite Assembly