Fix plain Argeo Suite.
[gpl/argeo-suite.git] / org.argeo.suite.ui / src / org / argeo / suite / ui /
2021-01-04 Mathieu BaudierFix plain Argeo Suite.
2020-12-25 Mathieu BaudierFix remove layers.
2020-12-01 Mathieu BaudierImprove user administration. argeo-git/staging github/staging
2020-11-06 Mathieu BaudierWork on ODK manifest support.
2020-10-26 Mathieu BaudierImprove documents management.
2020-10-24 Mathieu BaudierImprove multi-layers and introduce documents layer.
2020-10-13 Mathieu BaudierOnly shows dashboard for the time being.
2020-10-12 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Entity framework.
2020-10-09 Mathieu BaudierImprove UX.
2020-10-09 Mathieu BaudierUse tabbed area.
2020-10-08 Mathieu BaudierMulti-layers and events.
2020-10-05 Mathieu BaudierLogin/logout working in new Argeo Suite.
2020-10-04 Mathieu BaudierImprove Argeo Suite theming.
2020-10-03 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce Argeo Work based on plain RWT.