descriptionArgeo Third Parties - An OSGi enterprise distribution
last changeSat, 3 Jun 2023 07:26:21 +0000 (09:26 +0200)
2023-06-03 Mathieu BaudierPrepare next development cycle testing github/testing
2023-06-03 Mathieu BaudierReleasing v2.1.33
2023-06-01 Mathieu BaudierMerge tag 'v2.3.14' into testing
2023-05-31 Mathieu BaudierReleasing v2.3.14
2023-05-31 Mathieu BaudierIntroduce minimal CMS third party subset
2023-05-31 Mathieu BaudierMake some imports optional
2023-05-29 Mathieu BaudierAdd install/uninstall make targets
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierPrepare next development cycle
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierReleasing v2.3.13
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierAdd lib path in order to have access to JNA
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierRemove Xalan
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierMove xmlresolver to utils
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierUpdate third parties versions and add Saxon and JLine
2023-05-24 Mathieu BaudierUse released Argeo Build
2023-04-25 Mathieu BaudierImprove RCP target platform
2023-04-12 Mathieu BaudierMake JVM provided imports optional
4 months ago v2.1.33 Release
4 months ago v2.3.14 Release
4 months ago v2.3.13 Release
5 months ago v2.3.12 Release
9 months ago v2.1.32 Release
10 months ago v2.3.11 Release
10 months ago v2.3.10 Release
11 months ago v2.3.9 Release
2 weeks ago unstable
4 months ago testing